Terrible Blogger!

Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately. The last month or so has been incredibly busy for both Mountain Man and I. I just spent the weekend in VT with Mountain Man and Mountain Mom – so good to visit with him and see how far he has come!

I watched him get ready to hit the trail this morning and was remembering the first time he packed up; let’s just say that he is much more efficient now. 🙂

MM has less than 600 miles left to go, and should be done by the end of September. He has some rough terrain and cooler weather to deal with in the next few weeks, so I expect that to slow him down. He is in fantastic shape – physically and more importantly, mentally. He is radiating energy, and seems truly happy. He also eats a lot.

I was happy to see how eager he was to get back on the trail. MM is definitely ready to come home, but he is staying true to his commitment. I, for one, can’t wait for Katahdin.

Sharing photos in my next post!


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